transparant packaging, punched corrugated board packaging, raw cardboard products, other packaging

The transparent boxes are manufactured on machines as telescope boxes with glued corners (flat packaging not available). They can be provided with finger grip holes or Euro loops and can be screen printed. Embossing is also possible. The material used is PET or PVC foils in thicknesses between 200 and 240 µm are used. This packaging is often combined – cover as a transparent packaging, lower part made of cardboard with paper coating or as a folding box.

The punched corrugated board packagings can be made in various forms and sizes; the interiors are adapted accordingly. B- and E-flute are used.

Raw cardboard products are made from board and cardboard and can be stitched with wire. Interiors are also possible here.

  1. paper laminated bottom parts or folding box bottom parts with transparent lid
  2. light slipcase glued from grey carton or coloured carton
  3. table display (folding box with stick base)
  4. punched corrugated board packaging FEFCO 0421
  5. slidebox (folding box – inner part and banderole)
  6. transparent packaging, e.g. as businesscard box

We offer ready-for-sale packaging as a special service. You can thus obtain everything from a single source. The finished packagings are sealed with transparent seals or shrink wrapped.