slipcases, box files and filing systems

These products serve for the storing of books, ring books, newspapers, videos, MCs, CDs or office materials. The material used is a smooth cardboard, which is in most cases lined on one side and covered with a high-quality coating:

    • prints, also laminated with gloss or matt foil or with UV spot varnishing
    • coloured paper, also structured (e.g. Efalin, Surbalin, Wibalin) or leather style (Cryluxe, Balacron)
    • linen or other materials

Embossing, whether blind or in gold or other colours, can also be applied. Finger grip punchings or corners are provided to ensure that the contents can be removed more easily. The packagings are manufactured partially on machines, partially manually.

  1. slipcase with and without finger grip facility
  2. slipcase with in between tray, 3 piece covering
    (linen caps and jacket)
  3. slipcase with silver embossing on linen cove
  4. slipcase with blind embossing and glued in illustration
  1. standing box file – to be filled from the top – various designs,
    also with plastic grip hole ring
  2. twin slip case combination consisting of slipcase and standing box file

bookpack: combination of book cover, also with rounded spine and various inner parts 

  1. with case and lid each three-sided, additional glued in ring
    mechanics or grip hole with plastic ring in spine
  2. with four sided case and three-sided lid
  3. with book-type-case

We offer ready-for-sale packaging as a special service. You can thus obtain everything from a single source. The finished packagings are sealed with transparent seals or shrink wrapped.