order systems for the wardrobe

Among the known storage- and drawerboxes we offer an old product in new design – clothes-cardboards.

Already produced since the mid-nineteen-thirties by the great-gradfather of the junior director and at that time appreciated by many women, it went out of style  to keep clothes in field that way, when the nylon-clothes disappeared. The clothes-cardboards were a guarantee against getting out of place of the clothes in the tray of the cupboard.

The slippery surface of modern microfibre- and silk-clothes make the clothes cardboards interesting again. Also shirts and bedding can be stacked more easily, and removing of the clothes gets facilitated.

The clothes-cardboards are laminated with linen or paper and can optinal be fitted out with colour balanced silk or elastic band.

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  3. clothes cardoboards


We offer ready-for-sale packaging as a special service. You can thus obtain everything from a single source. The finished packagings are sealed with transparent seals or shrink wrapped.