fancy packaging, luxory cardboard boxes

These products are intended to accommodate high-quality industrial goods, such as gifts, textiles or cosmetics. The materials used are board and cardboard, which are provided with a high-quality coating:

    • Prints, also laminated with gloss or matt foil or with UV spot varnishing
    • Coloured paper, with or without structure (Efalin, Surbalin, Wibalin) or leather character (Cryluxe, Balacron)
    • Linen, Velour or other materials

The interior is laminated with coloured paper or draped with silk/velvet.Embossing, whether blind or in gold or other colours, can also be applied to the packages. The combination with clear-view window or clear-view cover offers another layout option. With these products, manual work and machine work is often combined.

  1. packaging with punched interior, also colored laminated
  2. packaging with adhered lid
  3. telescope box with jutting out base
  1. neck-case box with adhered lid, retaining ribbon and foam inner part
  2. three-piece bookcover with glued on case, face side cardboard and velcro®, punched insert
  3. case with adhered lid-cardboard and closure by silk ribbons
  4. telescope box with silk covered punched insert, under it foam
  1. coffer (neck-case box) with hinges and small locks, silver embossing on the covering
  2. special shapes: octagon-, star-, hexagon- and triangle-box, pencil holder with trapeze shaped base

We offer ready-for-sale packaging as a special service. You can thus obtain everything from a single source. The finished packagings are sealed with transparent seals or shrink wrapped.