about us

We are a centralconstant company from Saxonia in Germany. Our business, rich in traditions, now managed by Käte Lindner and her daughter Dr. Angela Schwalbe, was founded by Käte Lindner’s grandfather in 1909. Afterwards it has been continued by his sons. On April 1, 1990, Mrs. Lindner reprivatized the firm, wich has been nationalized in the former GDR. She confided in her fathers credo:

“There is always something to pack!”

The tradition and experience of three generations in the field of fancy packaging were revived. In 1994, the great-granddaughter of the firm’s founder, Dr. Angela Schwalbe, joined the business as a co-owner and junior manager. In this year the first new production hall and a bureau building were inaugurated. A warehouse and an another production hall were added in the following years. Since 1990 the whole machinery was renewed. Today 55 employees produce high-quality packaging:

    • to give your products a superior appearance
    • to protect your goods
    • and to serve as a carrier of advertisement
    • all tailored to meet your requirements

Dr. Angela Schwalbe                                 Käte Lindner
CEO                                                              CEO

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