packaging for electronic media

These packagings serve to store videos, CDs, MCs, audio book cassettes, CD ROMs, Blu-Ray Discs or DVDs, including manuals and other inserts.

In this case too, cardboard gets covered with paper. In most cases, the customer selects a print. The individual character of the packaging can be emphasized by embossing, interiors in matching colours, or gloss or matt foil conversion.

Especially software packages are produced in very large quantities. Telescope boxes and book-type cassettes are prefered by the customers. Slipcases of varying types are often used for packaging of eletronic media too.

Cardboard interiors are adapted to the contents. Deep-drawn inserts, CD trays or CD pins, however, are also used.

  1. telescope box, also with baffle
  2. book packaging
  3. neck case box
  1. ne piece book-type-case, also in combination with a bookcover, with carton insert or CD-tray/pin
  1. slipcase

We offer ready-for-sale packaging as a special service. You can thus obtain everything from a single source. The finished packagings are sealed with transparent seals or shrink wrapped.